James Thurber

"Since You Asked"
Venerable words from Thurber...to relish, or even revere, today.
Master of the Minimal: Drawings of Thurber's for Sale
A collection of original drawings by James Thurber represented by the Keny Gallery, of Columbus, OH.
The Art of James Thurber
Columbus Museum of Art Saturday 24 August 2019 — Sunday 15 March 2020. 
News and Events
Current exhibits, presentations, readings, and other notable Thurber occasions.
James Thurber
Biographical notes and links to other resources in print and on the Web.
New Books
In 2019, the year of Thurber's 125th birthday, two new volumes join the humorist's bookshelf, both of which contain unpublished treasures.
Books in Print
The Complete Thurber Bookshelf
All of the books that Thurber wrote or illustrated both in his lifetime and those published posthumously. (Does not include editions that are selections, repackaging, or anthologies.)
A suite of of cartoons and images by Thurber
The Thurber House
A literary center in James Thurber’s boyhood home
Key Thurber Sites to Explore
Readings, Videos, and Articles
Comments and Curios
A compendium of rare finds, commentaries by contemporaries, and unseen curiosities by James Thurber
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